Sunday, June 6, 2010

More Henry

This is Henry doing what Henry does best. He is not a high energy dog. However, he is a high maintenance dog. We found out he does not have some separation anxiety, he has sever separation anxiety. I cannot keep him in a crate, he gets out. We put him in the garage and he ate the door. My hisband and I have bee trying to work out our schedules so that we are not gone at the same time but sometimes that is not possible. So I read everything I could find on separation anxiety and called in a behaviorist. It turns out that Henry thinks he needs to take care of us. We have to become Alpha dogs in order for Henry to not worry about us when he can't see us. So we are working on this. Hopefully Henry will learn to be content at home by himself. I learned a lot from the behaviorist, esprecially how to think like a dog. Here I thougt my dog, Wilson, followed me around all the time because he loved me, turns out he just feels responsible for me. What a blow to my ego.


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