Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tuesday May 25

First, an update on Henry. He is such a sweet dog. He sleeps all night, on the couch. If you leave the room, he will come searching for you. He ignores my other dogs. My husband loves him and is going to miss him when he gets adopted and we have only had him for 2 days. I believe his separation anxiety will go away with time and trust.

Yesterday, I went on my first big adventure. I had an appt with the VA about going back to school. They will not pay for me to be a vet tech as it is to physical and will aggravate my service related disabilities. They want me to go to medical coding and billing school--no thank you. I would rather pay for vet tech school on my own than to do that. I had lots of time after that appt until my 1:00 PT appt so I went to visit a friend, she was not home but a friend that was living with her was there so I visited with her. Then it was off to PetSmart to get some antianxiety biscuits for Henry, I hope they work. I'll found out tomorrow. Then to Walmart. Then finally to PT, that was exhausting in itself. And he made me use muscles I haven't used in a long time so today I hurt. I couldn't even stay up to watch my programs last night and they were the season finales. I'm supposed to be getting ready for a flea market and do not have the inspiration to create anything for it. I guess I'd better go find my mojo and get busy.

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