Thursday, May 20, 2010


I am in my second week of PT and it is so time consuming--45 minutes to drive there, 45 minutes of PT and 45 minutes to drive home again. Oh, and there is the occasional side trip to stop at the craft stores. Now that I am feeling more back to normal, I have the urge to do things I shouldn't be doing, like gardening. I was out this morning for the first time to inspect the gardens, or should I say weed beds. I also pulled a few weeds like I'm not supposed to bend over to do. It's really late in the season for this to be the first dirt under my fingernails, I'm usually out there while there is still frost in the ground. I'm going to put my books down today and get that giant puppy on a leash and start to get her trained, doggie school starts in a week and a half and if Ihave not taught her even how to walk on a leash, the school is going to wonder about my training skills. So I am off to fill my day with activity.

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