Saturday, May 22, 2010


Today did not turn out to be the relaxing Saturday I had planned. I logged on to Facebook when I got up and there was a request for a foster for a 3 year old Pyrenees that was scheduled to be euthanized. I called the number, it was close to my home and I went to retrieve the dog. The owners had brought this dog in to the vet with a request he be put down due to aggression. When the vet tech put him on the table to give him the injection, he rolled over and asked fora belly rub. Needless to say, the tech could not continue. He has been at the vet's clinic since April 1 and could not keep him there any longer. When I got to the clinic and they brought Henry to me, he came right over to me and sat down so I could pet him. I took him out and he got right in my car to go with me. When I got him home, I put him in a separate kennel from my other dogs and due to his extreme separation, it only took him 5 minutes to destroy the kennel gait and escape to be with my husband. What could I do but bring him inside? Apparently he is an escape artist that will need to be watched while he is outside. The 2 inside dogs growled a little and left him alone. Henry laid down and went to sleep. So much for aggression issues. It will take a while for the rest of the pack to accept him, hopefully they will. Introducing a new dog into the pack takes time and patience. So for now, Henry has become an inside dog couch potato. All he wants is somebody to love him that he can love back. Tonight I am going to try him in a crate but I am sure he will want to be in my bedroom. He is not in love with being in the crate. So stay tuned for the upcoming adventures of Henry.

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